Thursday, October 11, 2018

A Look at the Pro-Am Sell-A-Thon

Nathaniel (Nate) Brown is a successful businessman and real estate professional who currently serves as an asset acquisition specialist at Alberk Properties in Cornelius, NC. Prior to his work with million-dollar real estate deals, Nathan Brown owned Auto House car dealerships in Salisbury and Mooresville, NC. In addition to his professional experience at Auto House and elsewhere, Nathan Brown holds a bachelor's degree and an MBA from Catawba College, where he served as treasurer of the Pi Sigma Epsilon (PSE) fraternity and participated in the Pro-Am Sell-A-Thon. 

A yearlong sales competition, the Pro-Am Sell-A-Thon takes place at PSE’s fall Regional Conferences and the yearly PSE NEF National Sales and Marketing Convention later in the year. At both events, competitors participate in role-playing sales calls and sales presentations in a bid to earn as many points as possible from a panel of judges. Students are paired with sales professionals who serve as coaches and mentors throughout the process. Winners receive free attendance to PSE events, a trophy, and monetary prizes. 

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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Good Customer Service for Car Buyers - What It Looks like

As owner of Auto House, located in Mooresville, NC, and Salisbury, NC, Nathan (Nathaniel) Brown prioritized the satisfaction of his customers. Nathan “Nate” Brown ensured that Auto House understood and met the needs of each shopper, thus driving a 4.9/5 star rating on review site

When people walk into car dealerships, they often carry the baggage that the media portrays of car salespeople as pushy and more interested in the sale than the customer. Given the pervasiveness of this misconception, it is critical for all dealership staff to communicate that the customer's needs are the business's number one priority.

A great first step toward this end is to hire sales professionals who genuinely like people and want to create an enjoyable shopping experience. When a dealership cultivates this kind of mindset among its team, shoppers feel genuinely at ease while on the lot.

Customer-focused dealers also pay attention to the space and the buying process from the customer's perspective. This covers everything from how inviting the showroom floor looks to how effectively the staff responds to customer requests. If the customer expresses a barrier to buying, the staff does everything possible to remove that barrier.

Similarly, if the customer has a particular need, a dealer provides good service by focusing on that need. For example, if a customer needs a car with a particular feature that isn't on the lot, the dealer will call back when a car with that feature has arrived. The end result is the customer feeling heard and served, but not pressured.

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Why Is Affordable Housing So Important?

Nathaniel “Nathan” Brown, served as the co-owner of Auto House, a pre-owned car dealership that he established in 2008 alongside his business partner Sam Ketner. Throughout his time at Auto House, Nathan “Nate” Brown handled asset acquisition at Alberk Properties, and he continues to seek out profitable real estate deals for the company. He and the firm are particularly proud of the affordable housing assets that it holds.

Communities with affordable housing options have a much higher rate of social and economic diversity. They are less segregated by income level than communities without affordable housing. This helps communities grow and become more vibrant since residents come from a much broader range of backgrounds and income levels. Further, the economy of the community grows since affordable housing residents have more money freed up to spend at local businesses.

Additionally, when individuals are able to live closer to work thanks to affordable housing options, they spend less time commuting and burning fossil fuels. In turn, this improves environmental health since there is less smog and traffic in the area.

Moreover, students who have stable housing perform better in school and are less likely to have behavior problems, particularly when they live in a house. Affordable homes also help more people achieve the American dream, thus boosting financial, physical, and psychological health.

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Common Issues That Delay Real Estate Closings

For eight years, Nathaniel “Nathan” Brown led Auto House, a car dealership with a 4.9-star rating on, as owner. Under his leadership, Auto House grew to two locations, one in Salisbury, North Carolina, and another in Mooresville. Outside of running his own business, Nathan “Nate” Brown has worked in the real estate industry for more than a decade and is known for his ability to close deals quickly.

Below are several things that may delay the closing of a real estate transaction:

Issues with the title

The most common reason for a delayed closing is an issue with the title. Most sellers are unaware of existing property liens when they list their real estate for sale. In turn, this causes frustration for buyers who have to wait until title issues are resolved and delays the closing.

Unrealistic expectations

On average, it takes about 45 to 60 days for a real estate transaction to close. But buyers often underestimate this time and expect their deal to close much sooner. When the closing date isn’t realistic, buyers often have to push the closing date back.

Problems with the appraisal

Bank appraisals are a huge part of real estate transactions when buyers are seeking a mortgage. Despite the routine nature of this work, there are many common problems that may delay the bank appraisal. This can result in a delay in the closing date as well.

Last minute repairs

When buying property, it’s very important that individuals get an inspection done. Any necessary repairs are noted during these inspections and property owners often agree as part of the contract to complete the repairs before a final inspection. However, neglect, miscommunication, and other issues may keep these repairs from being done or being done properly. Further, the final inspection may reveal additional problems that must also be addressed.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Time Management Tips for Entrepreneurs

Long-time entrepreneur Nathaniel (Nathan) Brown has founded several successful ventures in the auto sales industry, including Auto House. Nate Brown was able to start his businesses while working in asset acquisition for real estate management firm Alberk Properties. Nathan Brown attributes his success to his determination and ability to meet self-imposed deadlines.

Good time management skills are essential for entrepreneurs, who often have to handle several important projects at once.

Entrepreneurs benefit from breaking down complex projects into simple, more manageable tasks. For example, a new campaign can be reworked into multiple phases, each containing a series of smaller tasks. This way, the entrepreneur has a better understanding of his or her progress and can identify and address potential bottlenecks and plan accordingly.

Paradoxically, taking breaks can also boost productivity. Though some entrepreneurs associate busyness with progress, an overloaded schedule can actually result in frustration and burnout. Scheduling short, frequent breaks away from the desk help entrepreneurs relax and refocus, enabling them to complete their work more efficiently.

Friday, June 1, 2018

Consumer Reports Defines Best-Value Cars From Years Past

A respected presence in the Salisbury, North Carolina, business community, Nathanial “Nathan” Brown guides Auto House and emphasizes outstanding customer service that builds dealership loyalty. Focused on growth, Nathan Brown maintains a pulse on the used car market, which continues to perform well in 2018. 

A recent Consumer Reports article brought focus to top preowned models that offer a winning combination of performance and value for a range of budgets. Within the budget compact category, both the Toyota Matrix and the Pontiac Vibe from 2008 to 2010 achieve stellar marks, as they combine spacious hatchback designs with reliability. 

In the budget midsize sedan category, the sporty Mazda6 from 2009 to 2011 comes out as a clear winner, with its fuel-efficient four-cylinder engine and responsive steering and handling. 

At a higher price level, the compact 2012-2015 Toyota Corolla combines comfort and fuel efficiency, while including desirable safety features such as ESC and curtain airbags. For sedans, the 2010-2013 Toyota Camry and the 2008-2011 Acura TSX come out on top. The Acura TSX was applauded by Consumer Reports for its attractive design, based on Honda’s European-model Accord.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Auto House’s Contribution to the Frock Field Reconstruction Project

A Look at the Pro-Am Sell-A-Thon

Nathaniel (Nate) Brown is a successful businessman and real estate professional who currently serves as an asset acquisition specialist a...